Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 11 post fontan

Still in the hospital. I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel tho.

Today Daylen drained 99 ml total...thats almost an oz less than yesterday. The last few drains barely had much in them so lets pray its drying up!

Im gonna guess if it goes well tomorrow then we may go home monday or tuesday. Ill save my happy dance til I actually hear the words tho!

This is def Daylens longest recovery stay. Hes been so great tho and hes keeping a smile on his face :)

Todays sats got up to 94!! How awesome is that :D

Friday, August 30, 2013

Post Fontan Day 10

Boy did I not expect to be here this long! This is Daylens longest surgery recovery.  And the hardest part to grasp is the fact that his heart is fine, recovery went well in that department.  Its just the common fluid drainage that the fontan brings to most patients. If it wasnt for that we would already have been home earlier this week!

Todays drainage was 120 ml which is more than yesterday. At this rate I dont see us going home any time soon. This makes me sad. I miss my baby Greyson and I miss my family life at home.

Daylen is still on oxygen, mostly due to the fact that his lungs still have fluid around them.

He barely takes pain meds and his chest is healing fabulously! Barely any scabs left!

His personality is once again shining thru like usual and hes been busy charming all the nurses.  Its not fair that he cant go home when hes feeling normal. :(

Thursday, August 29, 2013

9 days and counting

Doing the happy dance!! Daylen only drained a total of 3 oz today compared to the 5 oz yesterday! Pretty spectacular!

He also ate soooo much today! He also walked to the playroom by himself and back to his room. You could tell that kinda wore the kid out. But atleast we are making great progress.  Now lets hope we can get home saturday!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 8 has come n gone

Today we attempted to get Daylen off of oxygen and that worked for a few hours but then he fell below 85 so they turned it back up to .25L :/ I believe once the fluid is gone his oxygen issue will be better.

Daylen has been pain med free since yesterday! What a champ :)

We've had 4 stinky diapers today so I think his insides are catching up and I noticed his appetite woke up today with all that movement! 

Today's fluid stands at 140 ml drained. A little better than yesterday but at least its progress!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Post fontan day 7

We are so ready to get outta here :( too bad we cant!

Daylen drained about 180 ml of fluid today which is 6 oz :/ hopefully its less tomorrow so that we can at least be home by the weekend!

Daylens oxygen was decreased to .25L and he occasionally reaches the 90's.

We were able to go to the playroom but you can tell Daylen barely had any energy :( he took a 3 hr nap after. Poor thing

Monday, August 26, 2013

Post Fontan Day 6

Today was a good day! The nurses drained 150 ml of fluid from Daylens chest cavity. Thats 3 oz less than yesterday so im crossing my fingers tomorrow will look even better tomorrow!

Still on oxygen and still on all same meds!

Only other thing I can report is that Daylen went and played in the play room today :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 5 post-fontan

Daylen was able to get out of bed again today and sit in mommy n daddys lap :) we colored a ton n even got a sponge bath from one of our fav nurses!

Daylen barely ate much but it was enough to give him a little energy.

We are still on lasix and aldactone for the fluid, taking lortab for pain, and taking aspirin for blood thinning. 

Fluid set us back a bit and so is oxygen. The nurses drained 230 ml of fluid out of Daylens chest cavitity. He was able to get his oxygen lowered to .5L and maintaining his SATs in mid to high 80's. Right now they want it above 85.

Depending on drainage tomorrow maybe we can go home tuesday or wed!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Step down! :)

And we are in the step down unit :) that means we are days away from going home :))

Last IV has been pulled.  Less than 3 oz have been drained so far from the chest tube. Fluid is starting to look clearer!

And look who got to see eachother :)

Post-Fontan Day 4

ICU doctor put in our transfer order to move to the step down unit :) she said they were a bit full on that floor yesterday so hopefully they have room for us!

Daylen drained a total of 247 ml of fluid yesterday which is a little over 8 oz! Thats quite a bit but hes healed up a lot better today! So far we only collected 20 ml of fluid for the morning.

Daylen is being switched to lasix orally instead of IV and is still taking lortab every 6 hours for pain. Hes made 3 bowel movements since we been here which is awesome!

Doctors orders are to eat more protein for the sternum to heal and to drink a bit more fluids.

Daylen also made the nurses a few drawings :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Post Fontan Day 3

On day three we got the new chest tube put in and this one is so much better! The first few hours, Daylens nurse has drained almost 7 oz of fluid from around his lungs! That's a lot! She just tried draining him again and she barely got anything out so thats a good sign its drying up :)

Daylens cough is getting better now that most of the fluid is out.

The chest bandage is off and the site is looking fabulous.

Daylen has tossed and turned some but still doesnt want to get up and play. He finally ate some gold fishies (not a lot but its a start). The doctor put in his food order so now we can try and get him to eat!

The IV fluid is about out so the nurse will disconnect him from that soon and this will allow him more freedom!

And check those numbers and rhythms out :)))

Extra chest tube

Daylen is having his 2nd chest tube put in as I type this. The surgeon came by and said the fluid isnt alot but enough to need extra drainage and then we will be leaving the PICU. :)

1 step closer to going home!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post-Fontan day 2

Daylen was able to get his art line out as well as his cath for urination and his cath in his chest that had been numbing his chest. His stomach seems to be a bit swollen possibly from gas build up and the extra fluids so they changed up his dietetics and decreased them a bit to see if that'll helo. Hes not peeing as much as theyd like but I know how my child. He likes to hold it as long as he can.

His chest xray from earlier did show some fluid build up on the right side so they are going to watch it for a bit. If that happens to get worse, they will alleviate it by putting in another tube for drainage.

He went from having 3L of oxygen to 1L and his SATs are mid 80's.

He also managed to pull one of his IV's out so hopefully they will just use the central line if needed rather than putting another one.

Still agitated a bit but I think its his poor little tummy.

And the only other thing I have left to say is that I got to HOLD Daylen today :)) we mainly did it to see if we could relieve some pressure.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not much change

I dont have much to update with except the dopamine has been stopped. Daylens heart rhythm has been irregular since yesterday so they stopped the sedation meds to see if it would help and so far it has! The art line is still in and word has it they may remove it today but I wont get my hopes up! His urine cath is still in place and thats one of his biggest nuisance.

Dr Kumar (one of the cardios i saw while pregnant w D) had made his visit n said hes pleased w how he looks. 

Will update later

Fontan update

Daylen had a great night recovery wise aside from his stubborn self screaming and crying from being scared and not wanting all those IVs on him. Everything went as well as they could have with no major concerns!

He received some blood last night in hopes to help his sat levels increase (which they did but kept dropping bc he was so upset last night)

Hes still receiving oxygen thru a nose canula and thats also helping his sat levels for now (when hes not ripping it out of his nose)

At about 4am the nurse finally decided to do something about his agitation and tried lortab to put him into a deep sleep. Go figure when it didnt work. An hr later I was back up trying to roll him back over and keep him from pulling everything off.

He has to be monitored closely until he calms down since he has some major lines in him right now that could make him bleed everywhere if those were to come out.

Hes still getting fentanyl, dopamine, and some hepapine. He was given aspirin last night for blood thinning for his stent.

He also was given some fluids from dehydration thru IV and had some gatorade by mouth.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ventilation and medication

In the middle of updating the blog about him being asleep and ventilated still he ended up waking up and they took the vent right out! They stopped his dopamine to see if he will wake up some since he shortly fell asleep again after getting extubated. 

Hes in an out of consciousness so hopefully the little guy wakes up soon! Breaks my heart to see him miserable and scared :(

Other than that hes on lasix and prevacid for stomach acid control and blood pressure control. His BP dropped a few times but quickly picked right back up! His SATs are 90 and his color looks great :)

Post Fontan!

I have been waiting for this moment for 3 years and now I can finally say it!


The journey doesnt end here but atleast our little fighter has made it this far and I dont see anything stopping him yet!

Now its time to tackle recovery!

We are waiting for a chest xray to be completed and then we will be able to go back :)

Still on bypass

Daylen is currently still on bypass as we speak. Everything is going as planned. His procedure is a little lengthier because of the stent that Dr Parikh is placing into his pulmonary artery that had narrowed once again. After the stent placement, Dr Abraham is to perform the heart repair.

Thank you everyonr for the continued thoughts and prayers. We definitely can feel the power that prayer has brought to us.

Surgery time

They officially took my baby back to the OR. At this point they are putting in all lines needed for surgery and putting him on a ventilator and then breaking thru his chest which may take some time given the amount of scar tissue he has. His ultrasound yesterday showed that he did have some obstruction on the right side of his groin area probably from previous surgeries and procedures. No biggie, they will just the other side.

I was able to give Daylen his versed so he was calm going into surgery. This resulted in him hiding under his blankets, laughing and being silly. He also took teddy back (the same teddy that went back with him for his hemi) so hopefully he makes it back into his PICU room. Will update as soon as I hear anything!

For those that are unaware of whata goinh on. Daylen is having his final scheduled open heart surgery which will complete his reconstruction of his heart. This time around they are having his lower half of his body pumping blood into his lungs rather than his upper body. This makes it possible for him to grow into an adult with decent SAT Levels. :)

Monday, August 19, 2013


Today was Daylens pre-op prep. We were able to meet with Sarah, the surgeons nurse, Dr Abraham himself and his cardiologist Dr Parikh. His cardio looked over Daylen one last time and asked if we wanted to go further with the surgery or wait til his SAT's drop a little in spring. I told him we are mentally prepared now so tomorrow is for sure happening!

Daylen had an ekg done for his prep chart, 2 chest xrays, a blood draw, and a final ultrasound done on his groin area to make sure there was no blockage in any of the veins for the central line that will be placed there tomorrow.

Surgery will begin between 7 and 730 tomorrow morning. I will update via fbook and blog. Please keeo my little one in your prayers!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

T-2 days

Tomorrow is Daylens pre-op appointment at peyton manning childrens. There we will have his ekg done, a final echo done, and blood drawn. We will also meet with his surgeon for any questions and to go over everything that will be done.

Tuesday will be Daylens fontan surgery, we will arrive at 630 and shortly after 8, his surgery will begin. They will also be repairing his left airway that has narrowed once again.

Will update tomorrow :) please keep my little guy in your prayers!

Monday, August 12, 2013

T-8 days

In a few short days I will be stopping Daylens blood thinners in preparation for his final completion of what his heart will finally be working like to be able to bring him into adulthood.  The final step..its bitter sweet but still scary. One chapter will close and only god knows what other chapters will open.  I never thought the time would come soon enough when we can finally say our child did it! He will be post fontan. :) please feel free to add Daylen to any and prayer lists and chains you are in reach of :) our family def needs the prayer power!