Monday, August 19, 2013


Today was Daylens pre-op prep. We were able to meet with Sarah, the surgeons nurse, Dr Abraham himself and his cardiologist Dr Parikh. His cardio looked over Daylen one last time and asked if we wanted to go further with the surgery or wait til his SAT's drop a little in spring. I told him we are mentally prepared now so tomorrow is for sure happening!

Daylen had an ekg done for his prep chart, 2 chest xrays, a blood draw, and a final ultrasound done on his groin area to make sure there was no blockage in any of the veins for the central line that will be placed there tomorrow.

Surgery will begin between 7 and 730 tomorrow morning. I will update via fbook and blog. Please keeo my little one in your prayers!


  1. Will be thinking of u both!! Luv u guys!! Sending prayers to u and ur family!!!
    Carolyn and family!!

  2. I read and now I sort of understand the procedures. you will be in my prayers and God watches over his precious little ones.
    Diane Skillman