The Red Cap

I've been meaning to write about this story since Daylen was born, but I didn't really know how I wanted to tell the story. It's been a few months since Daylen was born, and I have thought about this event many times in my head. I've talked to people about it, and they truly believe it was a special message.

On the night that Daylen was born, the very hour that I was giving birth to him, an older man of the african decent came up to one of my family members, my fiance's mother. She was located in the waiting room on the second floor of the hospital, as was everyone else who was waiting for the arrival of my son. This man, wearing street clothes with a red cap, told her that "your baby is going to be ok" and that he knew this because God told him this and that god wanted him to tell us this message. She, like anyone else would have been, was a bit puzzled by who he was. After he said these things, he disappeared onto the elevator and no one saw him again. She turned around and looked to the other family members and asked if anyone had talked to this man, they all said no. She had told them all what he had said to her, and again, they all had said they didn't talk to anyone about Daylen. 

Was this man truly an angel? Or does he tell this to all families? That's what i've been wondering since Daylen was born. After I was told about this man, every fear that I had felt for my son was gone. I felt like I didn't need to cry. They say guardian angels are assigned to protect and guide a person here on earth, its their job in heaven, just like we have  jobs down here on earth, but do they appear to us as people when the time is needed?? Was this man Daylen's guardian angel or was he just a messenger from God? God knew there were hundreds of prayers for Daylen, from family - friends - to even strangers. Churches that i've never been to have Daylen on their prayer lists. If I had to guess, god has chosen Daylen to be a miracle in many ways, and with all the prayers that have been sent, God is letting us know that "everything is going to be ok".

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