Friday, November 25, 2011

Sleeping Training update - Day 5

Day 2 of sleep training....
Daylen went to bed at 8pm, with his new bed time routine, and slept straight through the night until 7 am! That is 11 hours of sleep on just the second day! Keep in mind, he also had 2 day time naps! :) Where was the book like 9 months ago?!!!!

Day 3 of sleep training....
Daylen spent the night with his grandma and he had trouble going down. Not sure if it was because he was at her house and he loves to play! He didn't go down til 930 officially after waking up twice after she put him to bed! I agreed to 1 bottle since he really didn't take his bottle during his routine. She then reported to me that he had woken up at 2 am so she sat with him and let him work out crying and she was there to calm him. He was then up at 5 am and read to play. All in all, not as good as I hoped, but I'm guessing its because he was at his Grandma's house :)

Day 4 of sleep training....
Daylen went down around 9pm..later than what the book says to put him down at, but this time he cried a little more than usual. He also had a nap around 5pm prior to this which threw off his bed time for him. Daylen decided that banging his head against the crib, and crying was the best thing to do in front of me so I kissed him good night and left the room. This seemed to do the trick although the book strongly recommends not leaving in the middle of them crying because they feel alone...I couldn't just watch him bang his head trying to get a reaction from me! He slept the through the night again and woke up at 7 am :)

Day 5 of sleep training....
Daylen had 2 naps, one in the morning and one in the evening and finally went to bed at 830pm. I rocked him while he drank his bottle and after we played with his feel a little and we laughed :) I then told him it was "night-night" time and he agreed to it! He didn't cry, bang his head, or throw things out of his crib. I gave him his teddy and covered him up and he just smiled! After I left the room I heard him giggling and calling for "da-da" but this only lasted for a few minutes and now he is sound asleep!

I really recommend this book to anyone and everyone! This book makes it seem so easy and I can't believe i've been missing out on sleep that I coulda had!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sleep Training Day 1

After reading a sleep training book for babies, I decided to give it a try! Daylen still wakes up every 3 hours on normal nights and every hour when teething. I can not keep doing this because i'm at my limit for lack of sleep! Daylen is a year old and this should not be happening!!

After reading the book, I realized that it wasn't his fault that he continues to get up at night but the full blame is on us, the parents! Daylen does not know how to fall asleep on his own and giving him a bottle in the crib has been his sleep aid! We have been aiding him to sleep so when he wakes up during the middle of night, he needs his sleep aid to go back to sleep! That will happen no more!

Monday, November 21st was the first day I started the sleeping training. I started with nap time and I put him to bed without a bottle in crib! I fed him and rocked him a little before putting him down. Of course he cried but he was out within minutes for the first nap, and down within 30 minutes for the second nap. I've always been against the cry-it-out method, but the book helped assure me that this was best for him.

We wrote out a new bed time plan for him, which includes a bed time routine which apparently is really important and something we had never done before. We always just let Daylen call the bed time shot and then we change him and put him down with a bottle.

Here is his new bed time routine...
Bed time must be between 7-8 and the routine should only take 30 mins.
-Bath time
-brush teeth
-lotion/skin medications
-rock a little
-lay down

Last night that is exactly what was done and he went to sleep at 8pm and didn't wake up until 3:30am! I was suprised! After he woke though, he cried for a good 40 minutes and I tried the soothing and calming tehniques in the book but he was too upset. I didn't leave his side until he was calmed down for the most part but every 10 minutes for the next hour you could hear him wheep a little. The book says if baby wakes around 6am, its okay to bring him to the kitchen to eat food and milk. This lets him know when morning has arrived so that it will help his internal sleep timer stretch further. We made it to 5 am and his father finally caved in and let him have breakfast! He went back to sleep shortly after and didn't get up til 930!

If we can continue to do this well then I will be a very happy mommy! Lets hope day 2 goes just as planned!

12 month check up

Daylen had his 12 month check up last week and things went very well!
At 12 months old, he is 21 lbs 5 oz and 30 inches long! 
This puts him in the 50th percentile for everything now :)
How exciting! 

Daylen was switched to whole milk instead of formula which sounds NICE on my budget these days!
His pediatrician wants us to continue feeding him not only finger foods but also baby foods still.
We initially stopped the spoon feeding with baby foods because Daylen was not allowing
us to feed him with a spoon. He likes to be independent but his ped told us a trick and it worked!
She mentioned during feedings to give him his own spoon while i feed him with another spoon! 

The only thing that Daylen's ped was concerned about was his night wakings for a bottle. Yes, Daylen still takes bottles. I know by age 1 they should be using sippy cups, which he has no problem with, but always having him on formula was just easier for measuring in bottles. She emailed me a sleep book to read to hopefully help get him sleep thru the night. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daylen's 1st Birthday!! 11-11-11

Daylen turned 1 years old on 11-11-11 
...a true sign from god that this boy is indeed special 
and a rare kind!

We held his birthday party on Saturday, November 12, 2011.
The theme was elmo and we invited family and close friends!
I'd say about 35 people attended and I THANK each one of them for showing up!
Without them, the party would have not been a party! 

:) I'm so glad that my little heart baby has made it to his one year mark! This day was a very emotional day for. I cried because I was happy and I cried because I was sad and overwhelmed. Happy that we have made it this far and sad because that day, brought back memories of all the fear and worry that I had. Overwhelmed because I know we are getting that much closer to his last surgery.

Below are some pictures from his party :) 
I haven't had the chance to upload the really good ones yet!

The Birthday cake :)

Daylen and I with my long time best friend Ashley and her daughter Brooklynn

Playing with one of his new toys :) 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The season for sickness!

It's cold, flu, and RSV season!!!!!

Starting this month, Daylen will get 1 of his 5 doses of synagis! 

Time to whip out the hand sanitizers and enforce washing hands!!


Dermatologist Update!

Since Daylen was 6 weeks old he had been having skin troubles and we finally got a name to his condition!

It's called eczema craquele which means the skin "cracks"! According to the dermatologist the skin stings in the cracks when anything is applied but Daylen has never showed any discomfort or itching!

We were given 2 different medications, one is for his arms and legs which is a compound mixed with vasoline, and the other is for his face which is less effective to the tissue! Some creams break the skin and cause the crack look and she things thats why his cheeks are always cracked looking and rosy!

We were also given new bathing instructions to help from drying him out!

Hopefully we won't need to go back but she says that Daylen's little palms are already showing sign's of his father's skin/iron condition in his hands!