CHD Awareness

February 14th

Daylen has such a huge support group! Family, friends, and even strangers have all been effected by this little man and his heart. He's tiny with a soft voice, but he makes a HUGE difference that doesn't go unnoticed in this world. <3 

2011 Pictures!
Mommy and Daylen

Little miss Raygen showing her support!

Lexi and Brady!! Such cute kids!

Handsome boy Mason!

Long time friend Angi showing her red!!

Tiarra Yvonne supporting CHD awareness by wearing red!! Go IU! :)

So supportive!!! Jonathen, Kaden, and Talen

Gavin wearing his red sweater!

Beautiful kids! J.J., Reagen, and Jacklynn! :)

My friend Steph! She's awesome :)

Becky and Stephane :) 

Ashleigh and her baby boy growing in her belly!

G-mammy Tina and her co-worker promoting heart health awareness at work!

My Uncle Mike, his wife Shonda, and their 2 kids Ricky and Andrew

Dwayne and my brother David (he's lacking red, but atleast he joined in the pic!)

Thank you Chrystal :)

My Aunt Robin :) love and miss her.


The wonderful women @ Indiana Heart Physicians!

Thanks You Olivia for these wonderful pictures!!! :)

2012 Pictures!

Heart warriors and angels all over!
Wearin red for Daylen!

Ryker wearing red for Daylen!

Baby Luke wearing red!! :)

Auntie Ash wearing red!

April 30th!!
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