Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staying Healthy!

Here is lil baby Daylen in mommy's tummy @ 31 weeks! 

Had a recent ob/gyn appointment, and my blood pressure is great, and my tummy is measuring a week ahead! The doctor took a look at my glucose log book (only had a few days written down) and mentioned if I don't get my sugars down then they will be putting me on pills or insulin shots next time I see him! Good thing I have figured out how to keep my sugar below 120 for the most part, with no ketones in my system! It's a task, but I can manage the low carb diet for 8 or less more weeks! 

Daylen seems more active than usual! Seems like he is never sleeping anymore, and just loves to bug mommy with weird alien-like movements! :P

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The NICU tour

The neonatal intensive care unit at St. Vincent Women's hospital.....

      Touring the NICU was quite an experience! We were taken through the units on both levels at the hospital and we were able to see how it was set up, the security of the NICU, and how many staff members are there taking care of the babies! Most of the babies that we saw in there were premature babies, but a few had been through surgery. We were also shown the operating room in which I will be delivering  Daylen in. Kind of nerve racking to see the bed and all of the machines and set up. The good thing is, we can take pictures of Daylen after delivery so we will be sure to upload them as soon as possible!

Meeting baby Joshua.....

      Baby Joshua was 3 weeks old at the time of getting to meet him at the NICU tour. He is a HLHS baby, and he looked great for being so soon out of surgery! We were told he has been one of the better babies that have dealt with open heart surgery. I hope Daylen's luck is just the same! Baby Joshua was a little loopy from the medication, but his color and all looked great! His mother, who also has a blog on here, showed us his scar and drainage tube, and his scar did not look bad at all! I was thinking the scars would look terribly gross after surgery, but they actually don't! What a relief!

Here is the blog site where you can read about baby Joshua!

Third echocardiogram (28w 6d)

We had a third echocardiogram at St. Vincent Women's hospital with the fetal cardiologist, but before we had our echo done, they check his growth and development! To our surprise, we were able to see him through 4D images, and it almost brought tears to my eyes! It was absolutely amazing! We also learned that he was measuring almost an entire week ahead of schedule! His weight was 2lb and 14oz which is almost a half pound more than the average baby during this week. 

        The cardiologist met with us, and this time they may have discovered something else that makes his heart more unique. He wasn't 100% positive on this, but as mentioned before, they won't exactly know the anatomy of his heart until he is born. The cardiologist thinks there might be 2 arteries coming out of the right working ventricle, this could possibly mean that his lungs might get enough blood pumped to the lungs. This could also possibly mean that one of the 3 surgeries could be eliminated. We aren't holding him to this because he says they won't know for sure until they can do an actual echo after he's born, but how awesome would that be for Daylen to possibly only have 2 surgeries. It gives us a little more hope!