Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eczema update

Forgot to post about the boys having bad outbreaks! 

Blood test for daylen came back negative so a few days later we scheduled an appointment with an allergist and they tested him for 20 most common allergies and he tested negative for all of them. Including dog dander. We had already sold the puppy 2 days prior when daylens little brother became swollen in his eyes. They were both put on steroids and antibiotics and a week after medications and no puppy around, they had clear skin! It's been a few weeks since medication cleared outta their systems and no rashes! My only answer is the puppy had everything to do with it! I just can't figure out why tests would show negative :/

First practice

Daylen had his first practice for soccer and it's safe to say I can see his delays compared to the rest of the kids. My little guy was the shortest on the team and also had a hard time following direction. He depended on his coach, (who was very attentive to Daylen),  a little too much. He had fun though and laughed most of the time as the kids chased the ball. I'm proud of him for even being able to be where he's at in life. We dreamt of this day to happen and we aren't stopping til he says so! :) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

BIG milestone!

Going back in time when I was pregnant with Daylen, I remember asking if Daylen will ever be able to play sports. I was told most likely not, but that each kid is different. It's physically hard on them, and they tend to run out of breathe easier than most kids. I was told he won't go far with sports. My heart was broken, I cried over the fact that I was going to have a son who can't experience football or motocross. I cried over the fact that I was giving Daylen's father a son who he can't enjoy teaching the same sports he did so well in. I was upset, but then reality set in and I figured we will push him to do whatever it is he wants. Golf, drums, academics, he names and we will be right behind him telling him "yes son, you can do it" :) so this brings me to share that Daylen will be starting soccer soon!! I know he's just three and all they do is run around and enjoy kicking the ball but this is a BIG deal for us because this marks the beginning of his athletic capabilities and takes his HLHS journey to a whole new level!! 

My heart is bursting with joy!