Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cardiology - 12/19/12

Daylen went in yesterday for a check up with cardiology!
I swear the older he gets, the worse these check ups are!
We did manage to get an EKG and the pulse ox on him!
His oxygen was 80% and the cardio mentioned he will start looking blue more often
leading up to his surgery since the SAT's are dropping.
They dip into the 70's when he is angry or upset and we already notice
blue fingertips when that happens!

Next check up is in April and from there we will schedule his Fontan surgery!
3 cheers for the last surgery and fingers crossed his chest will never need opened again!!!!

Fontan is right around the corner! I was not okay with hearing those words come out of
the cardio's mouth but I know he must get thru this!

Daylen turns 2!

Daylen officially hit 2 years old on 11/11/12 :)

He recieved lots of love and lots of gifts!!

His 2 year check up with the ped went great! She was very pleased with our heart baby!
He weighed 26 lbs which still puts him in the skinny range but thats ok!


Havent been on in a while but wanted to announce (sort of late) that on 10-11-12. Daylen became a big brother to Greyson Quinn F. weighing 8lbs and 2 oz and 21.5 inches long!!!! Looks identical to big brother!