Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 5 post-fontan

Daylen was able to get out of bed again today and sit in mommy n daddys lap :) we colored a ton n even got a sponge bath from one of our fav nurses!

Daylen barely ate much but it was enough to give him a little energy.

We are still on lasix and aldactone for the fluid, taking lortab for pain, and taking aspirin for blood thinning. 

Fluid set us back a bit and so is oxygen. The nurses drained 230 ml of fluid out of Daylens chest cavitity. He was able to get his oxygen lowered to .5L and maintaining his SATs in mid to high 80's. Right now they want it above 85.

Depending on drainage tomorrow maybe we can go home tuesday or wed!

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