Thursday, January 26, 2012

Next appointment

Daylen's next cardiology appointment has been scheduled for March 7th! By that time, Daylen hasn't seen his cardiologist in 7 months!!! At the time it felt like March was forever away, far away enough for me to not stress or freak out but now the time is getting close and i'm starting to freak out. I know it's just a silly little doctor appointment but this appointment either means surgery or no surgery. At the time Daylen had his 2nd surgery they told us that Dr. Abraham usually does the last and final surgery a year after the hemi-fontan is done.....well...... March marks a year! As before, i'm sure we will have to schedule a catheterization as usual to get good pics and videos of his heart. I know the time is getting closer because he's starting to look more blue these days. Not blue enough to really notice or to worry about but I see enough blue in him to have noticed over time. He's looking like he used to before his hemi.

I really hope that this next surgery doesn't set him too far back, he's still not walking and lately gaining weight has been sort of an issue! Also to mention, his neurologist wasn't too happy with his motor skills tests. If his surgery isn't til later, I'd be so happy! I could get school out of the way, moving into a new home where he can recover, and possibly have a better paying job now that his medicaid no longer covers him.

Just when I thought 2012 was going to be a good year, I thought wrong.