Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fontan update

Daylen had a great night recovery wise aside from his stubborn self screaming and crying from being scared and not wanting all those IVs on him. Everything went as well as they could have with no major concerns!

He received some blood last night in hopes to help his sat levels increase (which they did but kept dropping bc he was so upset last night)

Hes still receiving oxygen thru a nose canula and thats also helping his sat levels for now (when hes not ripping it out of his nose)

At about 4am the nurse finally decided to do something about his agitation and tried lortab to put him into a deep sleep. Go figure when it didnt work. An hr later I was back up trying to roll him back over and keep him from pulling everything off.

He has to be monitored closely until he calms down since he has some major lines in him right now that could make him bleed everywhere if those were to come out.

Hes still getting fentanyl, dopamine, and some hepapine. He was given aspirin last night for blood thinning for his stent.

He also was given some fluids from dehydration thru IV and had some gatorade by mouth.

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