Thursday, March 31, 2011

Terrible day

My poor baby has been teething so badly that he needs something in his mouth 24/7. 
He has had such a terrible day today. Barely would take the bottle for me during the day.
He did fine in the morning and evening.
It was big HECK NO when it came to eating sweet potatoes and cereal.
He refused to sit in his high chair to eat the little that he did.
He wanted to sit on my lap all day. I tried his pain meds and that only helped for a little.
His teething tablets are recalled so we can't use those anymore. 
He has been sooo irritated, but we caught a few smiles in him today.
He looks grumpy when he wakes from naps.
His blankets and bibs are SOAKED from his drool.
(He even prefers to have those in his mouth)
He can't quite get the whole 'grasp a teething ring and take it to mouth' technique yet.

When he finally took a nap, I had to take a snapshot of the poor little guy.
Fell asleep with fingers in his mouth. 
He's still precious tho. <3

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad medicine taker

Now that my son is post hemi-fontan he takes several medications and one being a pain medication called Lortab. It takes really nasty (I would know because my 5 month old has spit it back into my face a few times now) even though its apple flavored. We give it to him in a syringe because mixing it with milk would scar the poor baby and he would not drink the milk - as told by our pharmacist. I have a new problem on top of him fighting me when it comes to his pain meds....He is starting to refuse his milk. I'm not sure if its the nipples and bottles that he is now back on at home after using the hospital ones, or if we may have given his milk with the Lortab taste still lingering in his mouth.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Home sweet home!

It's soooo good to be home! Best feeling ever to step inside of the door, lay on my own couch, and YES - use my OWN bathroom and shower! I also get to hold my baby without any wires or tubes!! Daylen is back to his normal self with his little at-home attitude! He thinks he runs this place ;) but maybe he does?

I'm so happy to know we won't have to be back at the hospital (only for cardio visits and caths for progress) until next year for his fontan! As much as that place can be happy looking - it is a sad depressing place with all those sick children having surgery or going through chemo therapy. I can't count how many times we heard screaming children next to us or down the hall. It breaks my heart :(

Seeing him this past week has put a few thoughts into my head about how next year will go with the Fontan surgery........but I will stress about that later! :)

A few other things on my mind as we were able to go home - a sweet little girl named Aly who had her Fontan surgery today and she rocked it! Also, precious little warrior on my mind daily, Dylan who is growing and getting strong to complete his norwood.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hemi-Fontan Surgery

Daylen's hemi-fontan was a success! It began at 8:40 on the 22nd of March and was complete by noon. He has been such a trooper. Now it's recovery time - which he is doing magnificant at! 

To see daily updates 
on progress and pictures
go to the Hemi-fontan tab on the main page. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's crunch time!! 5 days to go

5 weeks ago, we were told Daylen's hemi-fontan would be scheduled for March 22nd
my heart sunk.

Now we are 5 days away
and my heart is still sinking.

Why does HE have to be the one to undergo all this crap???
I can name so many that are willing to trade places with him 

First Steps Assessment

First Steps came by the other day and gave Daylen the thumbs up on his growth and development! They said there is nothing to be concerned about so if I want to call them in the future after his surgery, then I can do so! Hopefully that won't be needed because I think Daylen will be a spunky 5 month old after he's done recovering!! :) Positive thoughts!

Here is an updated pic of Daylen at 4.5 months!