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March of Dimes

May 2013:
We had such an awesome fundraising year for 2012! I want to exceed the amount we raised and go above and beyond for 2013!!  I set a goal for $500 so lets try for $750!! I was BLOWN away by the support friends and family have shown last year, so i'm hoping to get blown away again!!! Also, to show support for Daylen, I designed a Team Daylen t-shirt last year and not many people walked with us, I had 51 shirt orders and would love to see all 51 shirts there!!!! :) I do have a few extra's for people to buy but I will not be putting in another order this year!

Now, lets go over on why should people donate to march of dimes and what does the money go to? Let me take a brief moment to explain some of the good out of March of Dimes!
  • Fighting against premature births! A baby's brain needs at least 39 weeks to fully develop.
  • A gene has been identified that is responsible for oral clefts so research is needed to help prevent that!
  • Researchers are developing a cure for vision defects!
  • Spreading folic acid education to help prevent babies being born with nueral tube defects!
  • New treatments for better survival rates for babies born with heart defects! (JUST LIKE DAYLEN!!)
  • Nitric oxide therapies to help babies survive that have breathing and lung issues at birth!
  • Newborn screenings to help save babies lives before leaving the hospitals! :)
Here are some pictures from last years event and some supporters who have bought Team Daylen shirts from us!!

Daylen and mommy

Steph, Court, Daylen, Mommy and baby Leland in Tummy!

Daylen in a race car!

Auntie Ash wearing her shirt!

Daylen and cousin Keegan :)

Laurel and baby Ava showing support!

Stephanie wearing her shirt!

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