Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ENT visit

Forgot to post about the appointment that Dsylen had with the audiologist. I confronted the ped about getting Daylen tested gor his hearing because I felt as though he isnt hearing sounds correctly. He speaks plenty but his words come out soubding like he has some sort of impediment. Ive been getting asked a lot lately if my son is behind and no mom likes to hear this. Especially when the neuro pointed out that my child is indeed ahead.

The audiologist tested him for hearing and made sure the ear drums were fine and he passed every test.  There was 1 distinctive sound that Daylen wouldn't respond to but she wasnt worried about it.

So where to go from here? After Daylen has his fontan in august, we will be having a speech evaluation done.

Recovery day 2

Today we heard a lot of "owey" and no no's when it came to trying to eat. He haf no part in most of the food we tried feeding him. He also discovered today that his tooth went "bye bye". When he smiles, I no longer see an innocent set of pearly baby teeth. It looks like my child could audition for the next rap video with the amount of silver he has in his mouth :/ poor child.  Im prayimg as his face grows, those molars will be less and less visible when he smiles.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Recovery day 1

After receiving 6 crowns, 2 sealants, several cativites filled, and a tooth pulled....its no wonder we have had one of the worst days of our toddler years. Daylen was so upset all day and cried non stop :( poor guy is curled up next to me in bed sound asleep as im typing this. He refuses to take his medicine... all it is, is tylenol. Nothing hes never had b4 but id rather not traumatize him by forcing it down his throat. Not with another surgery coming up :/

His sats were hanging in the 60's most of the day but they finally climbed back up to 80's. No fever! :)

Also want to add that everyone that is on Daylens team medically...from heart team to pediatrics to dentistry...they have all proven to me that Daylen's life is top priority and im so glad ive chosen them to be a part of daylens jouney. They are all so wonderful to him, and they communicate so well amongst eachother when it comes to his needs and their concerns.

Lets hope for a better day tomorrow!

Dental rehabilitation

Daylen was scheduled in the OR today upon request by his cardiologist with his recommended anesthesiologist for some basic dental work. He had lots of decay on his molars and several cavities that need filled and also needed a tooth pulled that had chipped and broken enamel on it. All of this was due to having weak enamel from when he had all those surgeries and medication while his teeth were forming as a baby :/ if only we had used flouride instead of toddler toothe paste then im sure most of the work done today could have been avoided!

I swear, having a hypoplast takes a lot of trial and error. :/

I will update blog when we see Dr. Stockton!