Friday, August 30, 2013

Post Fontan Day 10

Boy did I not expect to be here this long! This is Daylens longest surgery recovery.  And the hardest part to grasp is the fact that his heart is fine, recovery went well in that department.  Its just the common fluid drainage that the fontan brings to most patients. If it wasnt for that we would already have been home earlier this week!

Todays drainage was 120 ml which is more than yesterday. At this rate I dont see us going home any time soon. This makes me sad. I miss my baby Greyson and I miss my family life at home.

Daylen is still on oxygen, mostly due to the fact that his lungs still have fluid around them.

He barely takes pain meds and his chest is healing fabulously! Barely any scabs left!

His personality is once again shining thru like usual and hes been busy charming all the nurses.  Its not fair that he cant go home when hes feeling normal. :(

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