Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Surgery time

They officially took my baby back to the OR. At this point they are putting in all lines needed for surgery and putting him on a ventilator and then breaking thru his chest which may take some time given the amount of scar tissue he has. His ultrasound yesterday showed that he did have some obstruction on the right side of his groin area probably from previous surgeries and procedures. No biggie, they will just the other side.

I was able to give Daylen his versed so he was calm going into surgery. This resulted in him hiding under his blankets, laughing and being silly. He also took teddy back (the same teddy that went back with him for his hemi) so hopefully he makes it back into his PICU room. Will update as soon as I hear anything!

For those that are unaware of whata goinh on. Daylen is having his final scheduled open heart surgery which will complete his reconstruction of his heart. This time around they are having his lower half of his body pumping blood into his lungs rather than his upper body. This makes it possible for him to grow into an adult with decent SAT Levels. :)

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