Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post-Fontan day 2

Daylen was able to get his art line out as well as his cath for urination and his cath in his chest that had been numbing his chest. His stomach seems to be a bit swollen possibly from gas build up and the extra fluids so they changed up his dietetics and decreased them a bit to see if that'll helo. Hes not peeing as much as theyd like but I know how my child. He likes to hold it as long as he can.

His chest xray from earlier did show some fluid build up on the right side so they are going to watch it for a bit. If that happens to get worse, they will alleviate it by putting in another tube for drainage.

He went from having 3L of oxygen to 1L and his SATs are mid 80's.

He also managed to pull one of his IV's out so hopefully they will just use the central line if needed rather than putting another one.

Still agitated a bit but I think its his poor little tummy.

And the only other thing I have left to say is that I got to HOLD Daylen today :)) we mainly did it to see if we could relieve some pressure.  

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