Thursday, December 2, 2010

1st pediatric appointment!

I love the pediatric office that I go to! They treated Daylen just like the special boy that he is. As soon as we arrived, they put us in our room so that Daylen didn't catch any sickness from the waiting room! They touched him as little as possible when doing his check up and they let us do all the handling!

Daylen is almost back up to his birth weight!! He weighs 7lbs and 7 oz right now! :) They said he should be gaining about an oz a day right now and that is basically what he's gaining so hopefully he continues to do well so we won't have to have extra help from outsiders!

I think Daylen may have left the office with a few new girlfriends ;)

1st week home!

Daylen is such a precious gift! He has came a long way into this world and already endured more than what most adults do in their life time. I appreciate him that much more for it, and I thank God every day that I have with him. :)

Daylen is definitely a ball of attitude! He knows what he wants and he screams until we figure it out! He loves eating! Right now we feed him every 3 hours since that is the schedule that the hospital had him on but i'm hoping he starts sleeping longer between feedings! He went home eating almost 2 oz per feeding, and now he's up to about 3 oz! He struggles to put that amount down every feeding but he's doing great overall! The little guy HATES being gasy and the only thing I can do is to continue using Dr. Brown's baby bottles for caulic (since those babies are fussy from gas and such, I figured it would work) and they really do an awesome job for the most part! 

Daylen is definitely a screamer, and a loud one!! At first I was really frustrated with him when he screamed because it seemed like it happened all the time, plus I had not been used to his schedule so the lack of sleep was catching up to me! I have since figured out to sleep when he sleeps instead of sitting there and starring at him like a hawk to make sure he still okay every second of the day! I also figured out to stop using the tiny hospital bottles and to only use those when giving him his medicines every 12 hrs. 

I love watching him sleep! He sleeps so comfortably and he looks so happy when he sleeps :) its precious!