Friday, August 23, 2013

Post Fontan Day 3

On day three we got the new chest tube put in and this one is so much better! The first few hours, Daylens nurse has drained almost 7 oz of fluid from around his lungs! That's a lot! She just tried draining him again and she barely got anything out so thats a good sign its drying up :)

Daylens cough is getting better now that most of the fluid is out.

The chest bandage is off and the site is looking fabulous.

Daylen has tossed and turned some but still doesnt want to get up and play. He finally ate some gold fishies (not a lot but its a start). The doctor put in his food order so now we can try and get him to eat!

The IV fluid is about out so the nurse will disconnect him from that soon and this will allow him more freedom!

And check those numbers and rhythms out :)))

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