Monday, April 22, 2013


I tracked Daylen's calorie intake today just to see if I could get him to eat the recommended amount of calories that a kid his age should eat! I got him to eat 1,350 calories worth of food and it wasn't exactly hard but it wasn't easy either!

I made sure he still got his recommended amount of fruit and veggies but not his usual intake! The kid loves to eat low cal fruits n veggies and that's what hurts his ability to gain fat!

If anyone has any tips or suggestions on what to feed a picky toddler whose favorite word is "no" that isnt packed with sugar then please feel free to comment!!! :)


Daylen went in last week for a check up and to see if he was ready for the fontan! Everything looked great except the cardiologist was not happy about his weight! He barely gained anything in the 4 months that we last saw his doctor :/

He plans on giving us a date for the fontan in July/August so he can gain a little more! My duty for the next three months is to get him to at least 30 lbs!

Since he was last weighed on Friday he's gained 4 oz!! I know it's not a lot but its a start! Ill be posting weekly updates of the weight gain!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


At 2.5 years old, Daylens color is more blue these days. His lips and fingertips turn purple pretty quickly. Apparently this is normal and just means Daylen is ready for the fontan! We have a cardiologist app on Thursday. After that, we will know a time and date for the last n final surgery!

My emotions over this are all over the place! I'm upset for the surgery and upset that he has to go thru this...but I'm looking forward to him being done with this.

I will update everyone when we find out more information!