Friday, April 1, 2011

Past pregnancy related

So I know this is a blog that I started for my son, in hopes that one day he will take over in writing about what goes on in his life and all (if not thats fine too) but I feel this is pregnancy related to when I carried him so I figured it's legit to wright about. <3

As some may know, I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with Daylen. Before pregnancy, I was pretty healthy at 139 lbs and 5'5" which gives me a pretty normal BMI and a pretty slender figure (with flaws of course) so it's not like I was doomed from the get-go to have diabetes. During my pregnancy, I gained a total of 46 lbs (not bad really) and it landed me at 185lbs when I was induced. My diabetes was not bad at all....I was put on a low carb diet and was told to do a lot of walking or swimming. Well I didn't walk too much, and it was winter so where was i going to find a pool???? After I gave birth, I was told the typical thing that I would most likely not need to worry about my sugars anymore bc it goes away for most women..........wrong. Not this girl! I breast fed for the first month so my sugar was completely fine until I stopped. My blood sugars were going crazy but I figured its just my body getting rid of the hormones I had from breastfeeding still. I ignored it for a month or two, althought getting symptoms still of having diabetes. What are symptoms of diabetes you may ask?? Well I had blurry vision, my hands felt swollen, I had "floaters" in my vision, and I was sooo thirsty all the time. I lost a majority of the baby weight right after, about 30 lbs, and now I am down to only needing to lose the last 10 lbs I put on from pregnancy (5 months later).

So here I am today, I met with my OB/GYN to get a screening done because I still have high blood sugar but it is only 2 weeks prior to my monthly menstrual cycle. After my cycle comes, it drops again and becomes normal for a few weeks until its that time of the month again. I don't think it would classify me as a diabetic considering my A1C's are normal, but I atleast want to get this figured out and under control in case I am in the pre-diabetic stage. I am only 24 years old, way too young for type II diabetes :(

I will find out next week what is going on (although he scheduled me to do the test when my sugar wont be high so if the test comes out fine, I may go get a second opinion or ask another test be done at the right time)

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I'm not some creeper or anything but have been following your sons progress with his heart condition. I too, had gestational diabetes very late in my last pregnancy. Luckily for me, it went away but got told since I had it once, the chances of me getting later in life might be higher. It sucks to have worry about that on top of worrying about your son so much. I will most definitely pray for you in this matter. You are a marvelous mother to Dylen, and he's so stinkin' cute!