Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Post-Op Cardiologist Visit

Daylen had his check up visit with the cardiologist. :)

He weighs 13 lbs and 13oz, and I totally missed if the nurse mentioned his length :( boo.

He got his 1 single stitch taken out - he DISLIKED this but who wouldn't?!

He was also given an echocardiogram and Dr. Parikh (his main cardiologist) said everything looked great. I also over heard him talking to the nurse and mentioned that Daylen's PDA is still open. As mentioned in past post's after Daylen was born, the cardiovascular team discovered from a heart cath that Daylen's PDA did not close (like it does in most babies) and it was acting like an artery which gave Daylen extra oxygen supply. 

They checked his SAT levels and they were 90! WOW!
Finally my baby is getting good oxygen supply and we can definitely tell a difference from before. 
His SAT levels were 70-75 before his hemi-Fontan. 

His medications remain the same, but Daylen is no longer needing pain meds.

He goes back in 6 weeks for another check up. <3

Making silly faces while shoppin w/ his momma.

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  1. Glad to hear everything went well! He is so so stinkin cute! :)