Thursday, March 31, 2011

Terrible day

My poor baby has been teething so badly that he needs something in his mouth 24/7. 
He has had such a terrible day today. Barely would take the bottle for me during the day.
He did fine in the morning and evening.
It was big HECK NO when it came to eating sweet potatoes and cereal.
He refused to sit in his high chair to eat the little that he did.
He wanted to sit on my lap all day. I tried his pain meds and that only helped for a little.
His teething tablets are recalled so we can't use those anymore. 
He has been sooo irritated, but we caught a few smiles in him today.
He looks grumpy when he wakes from naps.
His blankets and bibs are SOAKED from his drool.
(He even prefers to have those in his mouth)
He can't quite get the whole 'grasp a teething ring and take it to mouth' technique yet.

When he finally took a nap, I had to take a snapshot of the poor little guy.
Fell asleep with fingers in his mouth. 
He's still precious tho. <3

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  1. Awww I am so sorry to hear this! Boo for teething. I swear, heart kids are the WORST with teething - Bodie has been a nightmare, so I can totally relate. Oh, and I assume you're talking about the Hyland's teething tablets? FWIW, the whole recall is actually pretty questionable from what I understand. The FDA couldn't even provide reports to Hyland's of the overdoses of Belladonna (the active ingredient in the tablets), but Hyland's had no choice but to recall the product. They have more info on their website. But I know a lot of parents who are still using them (us included) without any issues whatsoever. We've always used them - they're our Godsend. Good luck! :-)