Thursday, December 2, 2010

1st week home!

Daylen is such a precious gift! He has came a long way into this world and already endured more than what most adults do in their life time. I appreciate him that much more for it, and I thank God every day that I have with him. :)

Daylen is definitely a ball of attitude! He knows what he wants and he screams until we figure it out! He loves eating! Right now we feed him every 3 hours since that is the schedule that the hospital had him on but i'm hoping he starts sleeping longer between feedings! He went home eating almost 2 oz per feeding, and now he's up to about 3 oz! He struggles to put that amount down every feeding but he's doing great overall! The little guy HATES being gasy and the only thing I can do is to continue using Dr. Brown's baby bottles for caulic (since those babies are fussy from gas and such, I figured it would work) and they really do an awesome job for the most part! 

Daylen is definitely a screamer, and a loud one!! At first I was really frustrated with him when he screamed because it seemed like it happened all the time, plus I had not been used to his schedule so the lack of sleep was catching up to me! I have since figured out to sleep when he sleeps instead of sitting there and starring at him like a hawk to make sure he still okay every second of the day! I also figured out to stop using the tiny hospital bottles and to only use those when giving him his medicines every 12 hrs. 

I love watching him sleep! He sleeps so comfortably and he looks so happy when he sleeps :) its precious! 

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