Friday, November 19, 2010

1st Surgery

Daylen was scheduled to go home around the 18th of November, but Daylen decided he had other plans that day. After removing his PICC line that morning, Daylen started having breathing problems shortly after and his oxygen saturation levels dropped to the 40's. They gave him oxygen in order to get his levels back up and to help him breath and he seemed to do fine after that. Once again, Daylen had another episode that morning and needed help breathing again, with sat levels staying in the 40's and 50's.

We got the wake up call from the NICU doctor saying the cardio team has decided to go ahead and do surgery that day. Daylen was transported to the main hospital at 12:30 and his surgery started at 1:25. The procedure was very short, lasting only 1 hour. A central shunt was placed in his heart, and he wasn't put on the heart-lung machine so that was very encouraging!

Daylen will be in the PICU for 3-4 days for his recovery, then sent back to NICU until he is ready to go home.

Bless his little heart :(

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