Sunday, February 6, 2011

Next Heart Cath

Daylen is scheduled for a heart cath on Feb 8th. I am beyond nervous, and hate the idea of going. Even though heart cath's give the cardiologists all the info they need about Daylen's heart, I wish he didn't have to go thru it. The risks associated with heart cath procedures are very low and rarely happen, but he's my precious baby and I hate him constantly being pricked and poked. We have to be there at 7am and I can't feed my little one after midnight. Are they kidding me???? I am going to go insane, especially because I have to do this alone. My fiance works til 6am so he will be meeting us up there afterwards.

The procedure should only take an hour or two, and he will be staying at St. Vincent over night for 24 hrs. I don't like that idea either. My baby is very demanding, and very particular about how he wants to be handled and he looooovvves watching tv! I wish I could stay there for the whole 24 hrs but I have class tuesday night at 6 pm. :(

Daylen's second surgery is coming up. After the doctors get the cardio pics they want, they will determine from that when his next surgery will be. My guess would be in April (making him 5 months old). Let's see if i'm correct!


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  1. I know it is NO fun AT ALL when they can't eat for such an extended period of time. The hardest part is that they are so little and we can't explain it to them. :( But, on the upside, they are so little they will never remember any of this. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow for a successful cath. (((HUGS))