Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staying Healthy!

Here is lil baby Daylen in mommy's tummy @ 31 weeks! 

Had a recent ob/gyn appointment, and my blood pressure is great, and my tummy is measuring a week ahead! The doctor took a look at my glucose log book (only had a few days written down) and mentioned if I don't get my sugars down then they will be putting me on pills or insulin shots next time I see him! Good thing I have figured out how to keep my sugar below 120 for the most part, with no ketones in my system! It's a task, but I can manage the low carb diet for 8 or less more weeks! 

Daylen seems more active than usual! Seems like he is never sleeping anymore, and just loves to bug mommy with weird alien-like movements! :P

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