Friday, August 6, 2010

The diagnosis

19 weeks 
We went for a routine ultrasound at my regular OB/GYN office to get the latest update on our growing baby and to find out what the gender of our baby was. Surprise, it's a boy! Everything went well, however, the ultrasound tech wanted to schedule us for another u/s because she couldn't get a good picture of all 4 chambers of his heart from the way he was positioned. We left the office with plenty of cute u/s pictures, not thinking that anything could be wrong, we left the office really excited!

24 weeks
Once again, we went in for a follow up ultrasound at my OB/GYN's office in hopes that our baby was positioned good enough to get pictures of his heart. Unfortunetly, the u/s tech wasn't pleased again. She stated that once again she saw a shadow over the heart. She left the room to confront the doctor about what she was seeing, and to see if he would come take a look at what we were dealing with. The doctor refused to come in, instead he had us scheduled to see a specialist for an extensive ultrasound. After leaving the office, I was beginning to worry that something actually might be wrong with his heart, and no one was telling us anything. 

25 weeks
Our appointment for the extensive ultrasound was at St. Vincent Women's hospital with the Maternal Fetal Medicine office. At first, we had an u/s tech perform a 15 minute u/s and gave us detailed description at everything she was looking at. After this, a doctor came into the room and performed his own u/s, which took 15-20 minutes. After he was done examining the heart, he told us that it looks like the baby's left ventricle was not getting any blood flow and that his tubes may be twisted. He called this condition hypoplastic left heart syndrome and said the baby will need immediate surgery after birth. He also mentioned that babies with this condition only have a 50-70% chance of living into their teens. After hearing all of this, I was completely heartbroken and upset. Nobody likes to hear that their child's life expectancy could possibly be short. After this was mentioned, I pretty much zoned out and stopped listening to everything that was being said. It was unreal.

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