Sunday, August 22, 2010

2nd Glucose screening

Another mommy update!

Turns out my glucose levels were high once again after my 3 hour glucose test (which wasn't fun at all). This means I have gestational diabetes (only present during pregnancy) and I will have to follow a diet plan to ensure I am getting the right amounts of nutrients, but also lower my sugar/carb intake. I will also have to test my sugar levels every day until I can learn to maintain my sugar levels right.

I've already changed my diet a little before I go meet with the dietician, and this is hard! I must stay healthy though for my baby boy because he will need it for surgery!


  1. Aww bummer! Sorry to hear that! It's not so much fun to have to follow that diabetic diet when you're pregnant. :( But, the good news is, the moment you deliver, it will be gone. It's so wierd how it just "goes away". Good luck!

  2. Yes, Jennifer, you need to take good care of yourself as little Daylen will need your strength when he is born, you will be naturally worn out but with his surgeries and all it will make you extremely wiped out, so, for Daylens sake,and your own, you take good care of yourself and get on a good diet to give you strength and be healthy! My prayers are with you and Daylen - always! Diane Skillman