Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's been a while since I posted a new update so I figured I would give an update on the little guy! So far we are 7 months post hemi-fontant/glenn/bi-directional-whatever-you-wanna-call-it procedure! Daylen has done so well since March and all of his check ups are going great! We are not due for another cardiology appointment for another 5ish months (yes i'm counting down the months because I know the plan for the final procedure will be around that time!) Nothing major has happened that needs reported or else I'm sure I would have already put that on here! Daylen has caught his first virus since birth and broke out in his first fever ever!! Everyone tried telling me it was just him teething but I know my baby best and I knew something was not right! His fever climbed to 102 and stayed for a few days but remained mostly low grade! No diarrhea or drooling (which is the only 2 symptoms he has when teething)! After all was said and done with tylenol and waiting it out, Daylen broke out in a fever-related rash! I was told it was common with viral infections and that most babies will get it! I'm glad that it was just a minor thing and not anything major!

Daylen is scheduled to see a dermatologist in early November for his skin condition that I can not keep up with! It comes once a month and is only on skin that is exposed to the environment (i.e. face, hands, lower limbs, feet) and it comes in 2 diff forms, tiny red bumps, and a form of scabbing but its not actual scabs (no blood or caused from cuts) almost like his skin has bubbled and hardened. very strange! Nothing works and he doesn't seem bothered by it but I'm tired of seeing my baby like this!


  1. My little guy has the exact rash and I keep getting told its eczema which I think is a bunch of crock. Please update when you find out anything, I'd like to see what a dermatologist says to you.

    Oh and I love your little guy.

  2. Yea we have been told its exzema too since Daylen was 6 weeks old and they kept saying he would grow out of it but so far be hasn't outgrown it and I just want him to have good skin!!! I will let you know ASAP!! We go in 6 days!