Saturday, August 13, 2011

9 month check up

Can't believe my baby boy is 9 months old! 
it's def a mix of emotions!

My little baby D weighs 18lbs and 14 oz 
and is 28.5 in long
and his o-sat's went up to 95 :)

such great news!
his color looks great
and the only thing we have had to deal with
is teething and early "tantrums" that start out 
with Daylen throwing his hands and then "crossing" them
all while making pouty faces.
its too cute :)

Little Mr. has an attitude!

But anyway his 3rd tooth is working it's way out so he is extra needy
for some cuddles and momma time! 

Daylen is eating food 3 times a day 
and mostly likes toast and cheerios for bfast, apples for lunch, and veggies for dinner.
So far he has tried chicken and loves it!

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